I created an api request but no transition

hi all. tell me I have a problem, I created a request for payment through the API, all requests are verified and successful. when checking through the PC version, everything works and goes to the payment page, but on the phone I check and there is no transition to the payment page, what is this problem? explain to me please

@dilon_perera @Flawless @Victor you know ?

Hi @TonyS,

So it’s working on the computer and not on the phone? Does the all actions doesn’t work or only the linking to the website action doesn’t work? Did you tried deleting the actions and adding them again? Does the Instant Navigation option is turned on or off?

Maybe a video of the computer behaviour and a video of the phone behaviour or a link to your app to check this?

If it’s ok for you, you can give me access for your app and I’ll check it! ( Gear icon on left in the editor > app access section > add this email : pereradilon24@gmail.com )

Thank you

Instant Navigation option , How can i do this?

everything else i tried

I have no idea what the issue is here. A screen recording may be more helpful @TonyS using something like Loom.

Try providing more information than a single screenshot of 1 setting.

With a screen recording, you can show the screens, on-screen actions, the database parameters, the database records, on-screen data, lists, groups, visibility settings, and all actions.

The more information you provide, the better we’ll be able to troubleshoot.

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It’s just a guess and need some more info like Flawless mentioned!

it doesn’t solve

Instant navigation is not available for lists with external collections.

And without providing more information @TonyS we won’t be able to help.

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thanks everyone for your help. I just spoke with support and we have resolved this issue. now I have a new question that I’m looking for an answer to… how do I set the url for a custom window in my pwa ? this window thank you for the purchase, now all windows when I actively click in the web version contain the same url address… how can I find the desired url or set, how can I do this?

IF the question is related to “linkback URL” (the URL on the original website to which the user directed after payment), then possible options could be:

  • use deeplinking component, for example, by @njimmy10
  • you may try to copy URL from the browser address field on the mobile phone, but there is a very high chance it will work incorrectly (e.g. will display a wrong collection record). Using this is a “hack” and requires clear understanding of what you’re doing.
  • you may direct users to some “stub” page which just says “thank you for the payment, please close browser window”.

What I also suspect is that linkback URL may contain some query parameters which indicate the paymentID, results, etc. (or may not, this is just a guess). This will pose an additional challenge; I’m not sure deeplinking component will be able to recognise them correctly. So you may have to use something like Integromat for that.

Or you can hire a component developer which will integrate a payment system as a custom component for you.


Thank you Victor for the mention, deep linking can get any kind of parameters and being read properly in the app

I studied deep links and they work for mobile applications not for pwa, payment id really contains data and if the necessary page opens after payment, then it all decides, how can Adalo accept data if I transfer data from the payment side to Adalo?

Dear @TonyS,

Deep Links could be used as a generic term:

For Mobile apps they provide a way to open a specific app page within the app from external source.
For web apps they represent a URL inside the app where the user should be redirected.

Your question was how to define a specific URL in Adalo PWA, which you would like to use in your payment API call. I have mentioned several possible options in my answer above.

Also, if you do a search in the forum using keyword “deeplinks”, the 2nd result is a link to the tutorial about deeplinks PWA custom component: PWA Deep Linking


@TonyS if you need more guidance don’t hesitate to contact me

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