External Users beta: profile page?

Hey all,

As I’m trying out the External Users beta I ran into an issue: I can’t find a way to create a profile page from that external user. Has anyone experienced the same problem?

you need to do an API query to get the profile info.
The external user only keep your auth key and id once you login

That’s what I did. But how do I assign this data to the page? Or to components?

See screenshot below. For example I want this image to be my external user’s (= Store Manager) profile picture.

when the user clicks on the profile icon, do custom action to get profile detail and link to your profile page. Your profile page will have access on the data that you just get.

I m guessing you are doing the custom action on page level ? which is why you can’t see those profile data

I’m trying to follow but I’m not really sure how to set a custom action like this. Could you maybe explain this in more detail?

how you perform get profile API? what trigger to this action?

I guess through an external collection? Still not really sure what you mean, but here’s what I did:

Besides following the External User beta and logging in, I added an External Collection called ‘Store Managers’, which I got from my Bubble back-end.

That’s all I did. I don’t know how to proceed.

if you are trying to get the login-ed user profile, you need to do a custom action ( do a GET API pull for this login user info ).

or you can do a list of store managers for the profile page and match the login user id with the user id

Thanks, that helps a bit. What would the custom action type be? Create, update or delete? None really seem applicable to my action.

the create/update/delete doesn’t really matter