How to display external user data from custom action?


So I’ve set up a custom action on the third tab of my tabbar that gets all current user data (name, email etc.). The tab also links to the profile page where I want this data to be displayed. Some screenshots to clarify:

Assuming everything is set up correctly so far, how do I proceed? What do I do to make this data available?


The way I’m thinking of approaching this now is that I’m creating a temporary ‘Current User’ collection with all relevant records.

I display all relevant records in input fields and edit them when necessary.

To update the external record, a ‘Save Changes’-button will trigger another custom workflow that updates all external records. Then, when the user leaves the page the temporary ‘Current User’ is deleted.

Would this be a correct way to handle this? Or is there another, better way to display the data in the first place?