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I created favorite toggle button from tutorial. I have #list1 where employers see applications from job seekers and the employer can use toggle button to favorite job-application and the job-application moves to #list2 is where the employer see only the favorited job-applications.

How I can make the toggle button remove the job seeker applications from #list1 so employers only see the applications in #list2? So the #list1 only shows applications which are not favorited by employer. And of course the #list2 needs toggle button to move applications back to #list1 if needed.

Hi Roope,

You mean when the user favorite a job application from list 1 and then it disappear from there and appears in the list 2. And the user can unfavorite it from list 2? Then you can add a custom filter to the list 1 as Users>All>Does not contain>Logged in user.

Thank you

Thanks! It works like a charm now. <3

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