How to create Favourite on my directory app

Hello. I am new here and I need help with an app I’m creating.
I have a simple list of businesses and I had made the right selection to be a toggle for favourites.
How do I make it so that when the toggle is pressed, it updates the fav toggle I have in the business detail screen and also appear in a different list I created for favourited businesses

Hi @Zubby,

You need a relationship property between the Users collection and the Businesses collection and then you can point that to the toggle and to display the favourites you can add another list and connect it to the business collection and filter it for Logged in user’s > businesses.

Adalo has a tutorial for favourites! : How to create a "Favorite" button - Adalo Resources ( and you can find some other videos related to favourites made by other makers on YouTube )

Thank you

@dilon_perera . Bro I’m having a hard time with the favourite design. Thing is I have my list of businesses in a search list not a custom list because I need that search feature as
my business database will have up to 4 thousand businesses.

It seems that the favourite toggle only works on a custom list. I wonder if that true or I’m I missing something?
If so, can I add the list search feature on a custom list and then add the favourite toggle?

You can absolutely add a search field to a custom list.

1- Create the search field
2- Create the custom list
3- Set conditions in the list to show results if there’s a match with the content of the search field

That has been done many times. If you search within this forum, you will find posts related to it.