Favorite List Many To Many Relationship

Hi everyone. Newbie here. So I have my users and a list of cities. It is a many to many relationship. So many users can have many cities and vice-versa. When the user logs in and send them to the main screen it will show them a list of the cities they have favorite or in this case they have added. So when they first log in they will not see anything on their login on the home page since they have not favorite a city yet.

I have an add button to take them to a new page to display a list of cities they haven’t favorite yet. But when I create the list I can’t see anything. The idea is they go to that list of cities but filter them by the ones they haven’t favorite yet.

I can’t quite figure out how to resolve this. The idea is that when they go to the favorite screen they can select as many as they want and then return to the home page and display the list of favorited cities. Once that happens they can go by city and see attractions, calendar activities, etc.

Thanks for any advice.

Hi @adominicci

Take a look at this cloneable app,

Thank you @Yongki that helped me figure it out and is working now.

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