Favorite Tab without the need for User to create an account

Hey, i am new to Adalo and just working on my first app.

I was wondering if there is a way for users who do not have an account to still bookmark entries of a list as “favorite” without forcing them to create an account but somehow their favorites are saved locally?

I don’t want to include logins in my app for privacy and GDPR reasons. Any help or hint is higly appreciated!

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Hi @MattG, there is currently no option to save data locally on the device. So you need to have the favorites saved in the Adalo database or external collections. To have it personalized, you need to use a kind of identifier. I think from a GDPR and privacy perspective, it does not make a difference, if you use the Adalo user collection with all it’s features or if you do it on your on.

Dear @karimoo Thanks for the fast reply! Highly appreciate it. For now I will skip the favorites feature then until I will add a login / account feature to my app.

Thanks again so much for your reply!

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