Adalo Favorites with External Base on AirTable

After almost 8 months, I still can’t solve this problem. I already had a response in the forum from the Adalo people, responses via Mail, now I am waiting for an answer about 20 days ago in the new “ticket” system, but I still cannot solve it. When you work with the local Adalo user database, and a local product base, everything is easy. But when you have your entire external database on AirTable, because of Adalo’s known speed issues, it’s not that easy anymore. Adalo work´s fine with AirTable, but just to read database information, if you have to sync information as “favorites” it is impossible. Adalo’s video tutorial is very limited and incomplete. I worked my app for several months, with Adalo premium, but since I can’t solve something “so basic” I had to stop paying for it and keep my app standby. I have an app running in the AppStore and Play Store, I wanted to improve it and reprogram it all in Adalo, but I never could. I would love to have help to achieve it.

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