Feature request : An ORBIT single busy-hand Moving Tool featurr

Can t have access to Feature request so I ll just place this request here:
If you Guys in your Adalo Team have some users of Sketchup, I’d like to request for him/her to show you how the “single” hand orbit move works…and request that a similar move feature be included in Adalo Editor.
orbit tool

Under Sketchup - with just one hand busy on the mouse one can :

  • Zoom in/out of your working space / using Mouse wheel
  • Go left or Right, Up or Down - by placing the pointer on the left and moving backward , then , frontward again.
    Similar process can be done to see items located up and down…all just with a single hand.

You do not need to click another key with your other hand as you do in Adalo 2D display…
I guess it would be doable to reach the same handling freedom in a 2D environment ! :roll_eyes:

Each time I need to use both hands CTRL+ “mouse” to go in any directions, I am remembering how easy it is to do so under Sketchup…

*To see this in action watch this video at 4:54 sec to see the one-hand tool fast moving around feature
Thanks for reading…

Orbit tool :