How to navigate without a trackpad?

Is there an easier way to move around my Adalo app if I don’t have a trackpad? I can use the arrow keys but I wish I could right-click and drag to move around or something like that. I prefer using my desktop PC instead of my laptop because it has better performance, but it is so hard to navigate the app with arrow keys.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi @sladerose :wave: :wave:

You can move with your mouse while clicking the space bar
Or you can do with the arrow keys

Thank you :innocent:

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Thank you! Is there a way to zoom in and out?

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Your welcome @sladerose :innocent:

Place the cursor where you want to zoom in and scroll the mouse to forward while clicking Ctrl key.

Scroll the mouse backward while clicking the Ctrl key to zoom out

Thank you :blush:

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