Probably a dumb question :)

When I watch Adalo trainings on Youtube, I see everybody moving around the workspace very simply with the mouse.

However, no matter what I try with the mouse, clicking left, middle, right and/or adding ctrl, alt or shift in any combination, just does a select on the page. It draws a rectangle, and doesn’t move the workspace around.

I can only move around the workspace by unselecting everything (clicking whitespace between the pages) and then using the arrow keys on my keyboard… Which is very frustrating :grimacing:

What am I doing wrong? I can’t find an explanation anywhere so it must be too simple!

Hi ! Try to press Space and then left mouse button

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Yay! That works. Is it documented anywhere?

you’re welcome! not sure , cause it’s super basic things (works not only with Adalo)

Wow, I’ve been in IT since 1989 and never knew this…

Never too old to learn!

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