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Hi Ehud

Thank you for your question and sorry for replying a bit late.

My Backendless trial has expired and the environment has been deleted. From what I remember, I used the graphical function creator (that “puzzle”-like interface). I have wrapped the 1.) signup function AND 2.) login function (using the signup credentials) into a new, outer function, called signin (SIGN up and log IN :slight_smile: ). Within that outer function, I retrieved the User ID and Token, and returned these by the outer function.

The registration function in a pseudolanguage (and not bullet-proof):

SignIn (username, password) {
    BackendlessSignUp (username, password);
    json = BackendlessLogin (username, password);
    return json; // this object might contain UserId and Token

Regarding the backend comparison. I liked most of them. My most favorite is without doubts Supabase. They are using exclusively very stable open source components in their backend as a service. Price/Performance is absolutely fantastic.

Xano though, is maybe my 2nd favorite. The problem is, that they are not GDPR compliant (yet). At least they weren’t while I was trying Xano. They said they had some other strong security certifications, but explicitly stated that GDPR is something they need to work on.

I hope that helps! Good luck with your project :slight_smile:



Hi miro

I am also facing the FATAL ISSUE of Problem 1 that you mentioned. I think this is still not resolved.

I contacted Adalo Support about this, but got the following misguided response:

As far as how things are configured, this is still in beta and because API set up can vary, I don’t know the exact requirements. It seems likely there is an issue with the way you have set up the ID and the lack of authorization but I can’t be sure.

I highly encourage you to check out the External Users walkthrough video Adalo Youtube | External Users and if that doesn’t help, I recommend you reach out to the Adalo | Maker Community Forum where our amazing community of Makers and Experts may be able to assist you in setting this up.

@all Does the Adalo Team know that you are having this problem? And how can I make them aware of it?


Hi lemons

Thank you very much for contacting Adalo Support. I think I didn’t open a ticket for that bug to be honest.

To open a ticket, just fill the following form:

In the last 12 months I’ve opened couple of tickets and they ALL got solved more or later.

I hope that helps. If you open a ticket and especially if you are a paying customer, you will get the ticket solved. Nothing stayed unresolved in their pipe in my experience…


Hi miro

Thanks for your response!

I also used Submit a Support Ticket when I reported this bug to Adalo Support, but I’ll create a ticket again citing this thread.


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@lemons We have received both your tickets and the first one is still being looked at by the product team.

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