Stew: An Anger Management Journal

Hi everyone,

How stew came about:

Apple Store (free):

Google Play Store (free):

Thank you for checking out stew.


Wow Mark :star_struck:

The app looks great and I like the animations and background images .

Great work :+1:

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Releasing this week; Challenges.
Still some minor tweaks but overall this is the challenges list.

Challenges are quick little bites to challenge oneself. All starts with these bites to help reach the bigger goals we have for ourselves.

I had to work around a few things to keep Adalo happy with some alignments, but this was fun to build.

Thoughts & AMA?


Cool App!

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Hi Mark. The app very cool and I have been working on an app along a similar vein - with not as many features. Nice to follow your journey. I will share my own once I have it a bit more tested.

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Thanks. Good luck with your development and be sure to share when you’re ready.

Thanks Mark. I decided to share early :slight_smile: