Fetauring some records in a database

Is it possible to feature some records within a database?

I have a list of coupons and i want to feature some that businesses pay extra to be in my app so these are shown at the top of the full list of coupons. I thought about having 2 lists, a featured list on top of a normal list but would be much better if i was able to have featured ones in the same list.

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Hi @dcycasey,

Did you try to use a Boolean (True/False) property to set the “featured” state for the records? And then set the sorting appropriately.

Another option (more complex): you create an additional number property in the collection, call it, say, “Display Priority”. This property will not be visible in the app for anyone except admins (e.g. yourself). And then you use this “Display Priority” to prioritise the list display (by using sort).

Best regards, Victor.

Oh, can’t believe how easy that was. Thanks @Victor Much appreciated :grin:

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Thank you @dcycasey glad I could help!

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