Displaying ALL properties of only a Single record with a list

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I have a question about display ALL properties of a specific record under a Category ( in database) with a list. Please allow me to explain a little: I have in the database some predefine Category of Teacher, like this:

In the app I am making, signed in users go to a home page like this:

As you can see, this list ( in the homepage) is made from the Category–> Teacher shown earlier. Let’s say I am a 5th Grader, I want to view Mrs. Catherine James’ profile. I will click on Catherine James.

After I clicked on her name, I should be a new screen like this, let’s call it “teacher’s profile”:

Here is my issue: I thought of displaying ALL properties under Mrs. James using a list. With a simple list, this is not possible because if I do that, the list in the Teacher’s Profile starts displaying properties for ALL teachers instead of all properties belonging to only Mrs. James. In fact it did not have the “current teacher” selection available. So the image above was achieved using text component instead of a list. Can anyone let me know if I can achieve what I envisioned using a list? Now, I have received friendly recommendations that nested list is a possible solution. I tried. However, please let me explain: in reality, a teacher would have 8-10 properties under his/ her record. Using a nested list would make it very messy and slow ( I did try it out). If a list is not possible, I would be very grateful if you can explain in a simple way why it won’t work, for example, why a list can only display ALL records under a Category ( like the one shown in homepage) but I am not able to select a single record in a category and display ALL properties associate to that record( without using list- in- list- in- list solution). I am trying to learn about the relationship between data and displaying them on list with different setting.

Part 2:

We can see from Mrs. Catherine James’ profile that she likes Starbucks Coffee(shown in her profile under Favorite Coffee),May I know how do I make “Starbucks” a clickable link and have it go to a giftcard page of Starbuck? Just a note: this “Starbucks” shown is retrieved automatically by Adalo from the pre-existing database shown in the first image in the post, it is not an text entry. I wonder how and when to tell Adalo that this Starbucks has to be displayed as a link.

Part 3:
Let’s say part 2 is sorted out and user is at a giftcard page of Starbucks and had paid ( via Starbucks giftcard purchase site), how to I get back to my app page( because now I am at Starbucks page) and send user a confirmation and thank you note?

Thank you for taking the time to read this!