File Picker bug on Android

Hi makers,

I’ve placed a File Picker element in my app. It works when I try it on the App Previewer in the desktop builder. But when I try use the Adalo app on my Galaxy S8 and use the File Picker, it just crashes the app.

I’ve put a video here.

Any ideas? @Ben is this a bug?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

@jeremy - got any ideas for this?

Will this error reproduce on the live native apps?


Hey, thanks for the heads up, and sorry for the slow reply. We’ll look into it and see if we can get that fixed!

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No worries and thanks so much; so impressed with this builder so far!

@jeremy @TheJon Any update here on this? I am running into the same issue with file picker within a form. Using iOS, as soon I tap ‘choose file’, it crashes.

This is most probs adalo bugs, as component is big for a android device to use, I may recommend you to message support r wait for an update!

Thanks @B0untiful_26 . And I ended up posting this in the wrong thread. My crash is happening on iOS. What is weird, is that I had deployed a build 2 days ago with this functionality and didn’t run into any issues. Adalo must have changed something.

Mhm, its a bug from them, just make sure to inform them!

I reported a similar bug over a month ago and not heard anything since. I discovered file picker crashed the app if the file was roughly over 20-30mb. It also doesn’t work with PWA above these file sizes. Worked for me for very small files only… <10mb