Files are not uploading

Hi Everyone!!
I created a File Property In my DB and I tried so many times to upload videos but the videos are not uploading.
What should I have to do for upload the videos to DB?

Hey can you send a screen shot of the action when uploading those files?

As well as the database collection of the file.

I’m Adding a video in my database. So When I choose a file and a message is displaying saying Error.

Oh I see, so you do not have an action it’s just directly/manually added into the database. Ok let me try somethings out and I’ll let you what you can try.

Hmm Ok Thanks @Jacob_Lange .

What format is the video file? because I was able to upload an .mp4 directly into my database and was able to get it to play.

walk me thru your process so I can try to recreate your issue on my end.

And My computer is stuck. I have to restart my computer again. I have windows 7 desktop :worried:

Hi Everyone!! What should I have to do for solve this problem?

I am not sure what could be causing this. I am able to upload directly into my database and play the file without any issues.

You may want send a support ticket into Adalo. They will be able to help you out! So sorry I couldn’t help!

Ok @Jacob_Lange . Thanks

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