Audio file upload ability

In database collections, property file type does not allow for audio or video file uploads. Any plans to change this?


Seconding that notion. Would be great to know of a timeline if there is one, thanks.

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Audio is something we want to add in very soon. It is on our public roadmap that you can view at

Do you’ve a timeline for that? Would love to be able to use Adalo instead of what I’m using at the moment for an mvp

Any news on this? I want to upload an audio file but cant…

Hi, any news on this. I saw that users can upload their audio file, but can we as admin upload one? It does not seem possible, which is a shame! Thanks

Unfortunately through the Database itself you cannot do it still. But you can just create an “admin” page inside the app to do it. It is a couple more steps, I understand, but it is a good workaround for now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks @Colin can you share the steps please? I tried and failed… :frowning:
Thanks. Greg

It is exactly the same method that you would get users to upload a file. Except you do it yourself.

You can do this on a new screen that is accessed by a button that is only visible to you.

To do that you can set a new True/False property in the user database. Call it “Admin” and set it to True for your user.

Add a button anywhere you want. Then change the visibility to “Sometimes visible” and make that that it only shows when “Admin” is "True.

Link it to the new screen and in that new screen add a file picker component. And a button that creates the record in the collection you want.

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Thanks I solved it… That’s what I had done, but I had created a Files database (linked to the equivalent of the episode database in the tutorial video) - and somehow this was not offering me to pick up the URL. I did this now directly into the database in question, and it worked! Thanks for pushing me again into the direction. Greg

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Hi, is it still the case (one year later) that you still cannot upload files in the component? It’s not working for me so far

hi @Colin I don’t understand what you’re suggesting as a solution here…

Do you mean:

  1. user upload to file picker
  2. save that URL in adalo DB
  3. send the link in adalo DB to custom action for further processing?