Filter according to minimum age

Hi all.

I need to apply a visibility filter to a button, in this case for registration, for users under the legal age limit.
In this case, when selecting the date of birth, Adalo gives the option to filter according to the selected date, but up to a maximum of 1 year. How can I apply this for 16 years (Minimum age according to the RGPD in Europe)? Is there any formula?

Hi Lofi!
For that, you must use “custom formula” to get the ages. (16,17,18,19)

This is how you should set the custom formula:
ROUND((current time - user birthday) : 365)

And set a conditional visibility based on that number.


I don’t see the option to make a custom formula

I did a video to help you:
HD Video is processing, will take few minutes until the video will have a great quality


I will use that function!
Thank you very much for your help!!!

I am happy I can help you. Good Luck in your projects!

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