How to add/modify the list of visibility condition

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I’m applying one conditional visibility onto my component which is the number of day. However, there are some number of days are not available in the option list. Can we add our desired value into the option list or can we modify from the existing list?

You can do a custom formula of “current time - 150 or 120”.

Depending on your DB setup, it might be different. I recommend playing around with it.

Thanks for your reply.
Actually I am creating an apps for membership loyalty reward.
Hence certain benefits are only appear after they reach certain numbers of day starting from their join date.

Therefore, the join date would be the variable in this case which is available in my user database.

How do users “join” do you have a record of when they join or are you just adding them to a group?

How you handle that will determine how you handle the dates.

The join date are captured in one specific collection.
but month-4 (120days) and month-5(150days) are still missing from the list.
I think that only limited to certain numbers of days provided by Adalo.
Hopefully Adalo can make ‘4 months ago’ and ‘5 months ago’ available in the option list soon.

You can generate any date spans in Adalo. You aren’t limited by the existing ones.

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Happy to help! Thanks for leaving a comment.

Hi Erik,

Thanks for the tutorial video. I really appreciate it.

Yes, it works in the database, but not in the conditional visibility since conditional visibility allows me to put single parameter only.

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