Filter adalosome data appears and other data does not appear (ID filter)

hi everyone I want to filter based on Kelurahan_id and Warna_id, in the endpoint output it works fine.
but when I apply in adalo there are numbers that appear, and numbers that don’t appear after I filter the numbers with current kelurahan_id and current Warna_id
My goal is to count how many Warna_id (putih) and (orange) there are in Kelurahan_id
does anyone know why this happens?

Here are my settings in Adalo

Here’s a preview on Adalo

ID-GELAM was supposed to get a value for Orange 9 and Putih 6, but what happened was Orange 0 and Putih 6

  1. I think you could be doing all the heavy work in Xano, create an endpoint with the Kelurahan and count of orange, count of hitam. Try not to do any of your counts in Adalo.

  2. If you want to carry on with what you have, there is an issue in Adalo…sometimes params are not passed to Xano correctly.

You can confirm this by checking the input on the Xano endpoint history. Some inputs may appear empty. Compare with the request URL sent from your Adalo app, check in Inspector view. There is a param named api_filter={{some Value}}, get that value and decode it with

These are your params as set in your lists. Check they are hitting Xano complete.

Hi, thank you Rozza for responding to me.
as far as I know to calculate using addon>aggregate…
I’ve done it, but the problem is that when in KELURAHAN there are two colors ORANGE and HITAM in Adalo it can only display one

My real goal, I want to count what is in another table like countif in Excel

If you return

As your key: value in your function stack then they will appear as fields when you add them as an external collection or Xano table in Adalo.

You are very close.

can you lead me deeper
How to achieve what you mean, because I don’t understand yet

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