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I’m currently making an application with the XANO backend, but I’m still confused because I’m new to XANO, I created a relationship between the KECAMATAN and KELURAHAN tables, am I really connecting the two in XANO?
in the preview I tried this and it didn’t work as I expected
Supposedly when the user clicks on KECAMATAN SERANG, there should only be 3 KELURAHAN there, but as seen in the screenshot, it displays all the sub-districts.

It’s another story in Xano. You need to pass the params for filtering at the Xano endpoint.
Adalo doesn’t connect anything for you, they are just static lists with numeric IDs.

It takes a while to get used to but persist.

You can also use Xano addons for certain scenarios, I don’t see that helping you here.

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What’s thatWhat are parameters?
So how to do it on ADALO, there is no discussion of that on YouTube

Yes, there is a lot that isn’t covered in the docs and some aspects that can’t even be described as an integration, luckily Xano empowers you to overcome this.
Easiest way to think of it is that your second list needs to be filtered by the ID of the parent record. This is passed as a param on the list in Adalo, then interpreted as an input at the endpoint.

The collections are not interrelated in Adalo. This is the mindset you need to adopt.

I almost gave up on xano
Do I have to pay for xano?
Considering I have subscribed to the business package at Adalo

No, make a support ticket and give them details of your Xano registered email address.

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