Filter list based on item of another list

Hi everyone,

I’m making a marketplace where people can sell their zaps, templates and other solutions.
In the home screen, I’m showing a horizontal list of no-code solutions.
Below it, there are the no-code temmplates/solutions.

I wanted that if someone presses on “Adalo templates” on the horizontal list, it only shows Adalo templates.

I created a collection called “search items” where I was storing this, but I’m not able to figure out how to get it to filter based on what the user taps in the horizontal list.

Is this possible at all? or too meta for adalo (filter a list based on another selected list item)?

thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Axel,

You don’t need to create a record! What you can do is store the clicked chip’s name in a input and filter the list by that input!

You can watch this video made by Victor! : Adalo tutorials, exploring horizontal lists, pt 1: horizontal chip list as simple category selector - YouTube

Thank you

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thank you Dilon! I had forgotten about this

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