Filtering by Category with Horizontal Chip List

Hi Adalo community,

I’m wondering if you could help me out.

I’m trying to:

  1. Use a multi-select dropdown to determine which categories my “Evidence” belongs to as shown below:

When these “Categories” are selected they should be attributed to this “Evidence”, which they are as shown below:

I think I’m doing that part correctly. But please let me know if I’ve made a mistake.

  1. I would like the categories updated in the “Evidence” column in the “Categories” collection to be as a reference for the horizontal chip list on my home screen as shown below:

    Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 3.18.14 PM

But when I try to filter by Categories > Evidence, it doesn’t come up as an option:

  1. I would like to add an All option to the list of “Categories”. I’ve seen @Victor great video (Adalo tutorials, exploring horizontal lists, pt 2: how to add "All" category in a list - YouTube) on added a Search Index but I need an automated way to all All to a record every time the user updates the “Categories” for a given piece of “Evidence”.

Any and all help would be very much appreciated! I can also provide additional context about the use case if that would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @goteamlegal ,


Try not to use all categories, but instead use current category > evidence.

I usually use all filter to climb up relationship.

For issue #1, if you see in collection that it correctly saves your many-to-many records then it is correct.

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Hi @goteamlegal,

Reg. your 3rd question: “category index” with text field approach will not work, unfortunately. As far as I understood from your post, one item can have many categories. So rebuilding all the text search index field will be cumbersome.
You can create “All” category and have it added to each item.
Then create a relationship “User” - “Selected category” (one category can have many users, but user can have only one selected category).
Then set up the chip list click action in a way, that it updates this User-Category relationship for logged in user and current category (one in the chip list).
And then you can filter out the “Main” list based on the user’s selected category.

Best regards, Victor.

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Thanks for your response, @Yongki.

Because I’m using the horizontal chip list as a filter on my Home Screen, there isn’t an ability to (and wouldn’t be the case if the user is just logging in) to have the contextualized category selected (i.e., there isn’t a “current category”).

This is what is shown as options for filtering the Categories on my Home Screen:

This is great. Thanks, @Victor. I think the part that I’m struggling with is automatically adding the “All” category when the user selects the categories in the multi-select dropdown. I also played around with this a little and tried to add a Click Action for when the user adds the details to an Item (in this case it’s Evidence) but it hasn’t worked out.

This is what the screen looks like for adding Categories to Evidence (the item):

emphasized text

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Yes, you are correct, my bad, my suggestion using current category > evidence should be said to be on the list below, evidence collection list.

For adding “All” category, you can save this relationship property in logged in user too (use as any other temporary variable, but this time it is relationship property), when is that, when user sign up, and updated when user login.

It is actually just an initialization variable, and then you can use it at multi-select dropdown action, just copy from logged in user to evidence collection.

But @Victor might be the better person to suggest the answer.

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I’m curious to get your thoughts. I know that I have “Categories” selected for each piece of “Evidence”:

And I’ve set up the TMPSelectedCategory temporary variable here:

But I can’t select the CategoryName from the filter:

Try this,


Ah, good call. I’m still not getting an option for TMPSelectedCategories:

You need to add TMPSelectedCategory in users collection and update it in horizontal list action.

I did:
Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 9.46.09 PM

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 9.47.10 PM

As a relationship property, not text.

And update it with collection name in horizontal list action.

I realized maybe my way a little bit different than in the video.

Yeah, this is the part where I’m confused and I think it’s why I’m not understanding Victor’s message above either.

Which collection is TMPSelectedCategory coming from? Isn’t that the only way I can select something for a relationship?

Category collection, add action to update this property in horizontal list.

something like this, update logged in user, TMPSelectedCategory = current category

Sorry about this. I really appreciate your help. I’m not sure what I’m getting wrong.

I have a Categories (relationship) and a TMPSelectedCategory (text) column in my Users Collection:

Since I want the horizontal chip list to be filtered based on the Logged in User I have:

In my horizontal chip list I have set up an action to Update Logged in User > TMPSelectedCategory and that column is populated with the CategoryName from Category selected:

Unfortunately, I’m not able to reference the Logged in User > TMPSelectedCategory for my Evidence list:

Are you suggesting that I add the current Category to the User collection? Like this:

Because I already have that information collected from another source (as pictured in the first screenshot).

You need to add relationship property with 1-to-many, not many-to-many,

the way I would do is, open category collection in editor and add relation to users and choose option #1, at the top, it means 1 user can have multiple category.

Sorry for my miscommunication, not telling that this should be 1-to-m.

No problem. I will try in the am and let you know.

Thanks again!

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Ok! So, I implemented the relationship property, 1-to-many.

And… I tried to implement the relationship property (Filters Users on Home) 1 to many:
Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 9.13.31 AM

Then, I added the Update to Horizontal Chip List for the “Filters Users on Home”:

Then, tried to select this Filter on the Evidence List but only had these options:

Thanks again for all your help!

Hi @goteamlegal

Sorry for my mistakes.

I think my mistake is here, it should be the other way around, sorry, because I didn’t put it in editor.

Mistake #2, I didn’t realize that it needs app setting collection to store all category, and also need interim screen to initialize all category into tmpselectedcategory.
You also need to call this interim screen (initialize…) at the sign up or login by change input value for need update to YES

Here is the cloneable app,

And when you add new evidence, you can initialize all category, it is a many-to-many, so use update and add category from app setting.

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