Filter posts from friends

Hi all.

I am currently creating a social network with a friend assignment. What I would like is that in the posts of users, it can be filtered to see only the publications of friends. I can’t find a way to get it.

Could you help me please?


Hello Webea,

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Take a look at this facebook clone Clone Facebook Clone to Jumpstart Your No Code App you can see exactly how they done it.

I hope this helps,



Thank you very much for the quick answer!

I have reviewed the clone and the truth is that it is very useful! but unfortunately I have not managed to solve my problem …

My problem is that in the custom list, you can see the publications of all users, and my intention is that with a drop-down menu, it can be filtered to “only publications of friends”, as I have already managed to do with categories and topics. For these last 2 filters, it was easy because the category or subject of the post is indicated in its creation, but in order to filter only friends, I need to relate it in some way.

I have taken a screenshot of the pos drop down menu if it is better understood.

I understand that the request is to limit the publication database to users (friends) in some way.

Thanks so much for the help!