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Hello all!

Just trying to do a social media app. I have different tables like users, posts (with relationship on users), comments. In my home screen it shows all posts but also mine and I would like to filter to have other posts. The thing is I don’t have (and I don’t want) friends feature. So the filter should be something like “posts>users>not me” but I can’t find it out.


hi @val_30
you can filter it the following way : current post’s user’s email is not equal to logged in user email

Thanks a lot for your answer. The thing is I don’t have this option apparently :

Just another question, is there a way to not display the image if there is none in the database? For now the space for the image is still there :
Thanks a lot!!

Try to choose All posts , under this block there should be “+Add another filter” button where you can set custom filtering


It works perfectly! Thanks!

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yes you can make the image component sometimes visible , like image component is visible only if it’s not empty

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You helped me a lot!! Thanks :slight_smile:

@val_30 you’re welcome!

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