Filtering Drop downs

Hi all,

I posted this on Slack but unanswered. Sorry for the cross-post but hoping to get some help here.

I have an app with 3 tables (Simplified for this question)

  1. Users
  2. Friends
  3. Pledges
  • Users table has a relationship with both Pledges and Friends. Friends has a relationship with Pledges
  • A user can add a Friend using a form. The friend is linked to the user that created it.
  • A user can Create a pledge and choose a friend from the drop-down list.

The issue is that when any user creates a pledge, the drop-down list shows all friends (including other users) .

I can’t seem to filter the users based on the logged in user. Does anyone now if this is possible or if there is a work around?


Currently only standalone dropdown components can be filtered, but we will be adding this to dropdowns in forms soon.


Thanks Ben. Would be very useful as it make my app unusable as it is. The logic is there as the table contains the logged in user email address. I will find a way around for now. :+1: