Filter swipe card

Hi all
I’m trying to embed a CSV file for cities and zip-code.
I have a problem with the space I think. When I scroll through my dropdown of cities, I don’t see all of them, only part of them.
Do you think it’s because of the free mode?
I specify that I use the drop-down pane to filter swipecards by city.
If you have any idea thank you in advance.

Hi Akau,

It’s NOT because of the free plan. :slight_smile:

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I think so, the storgae waited 100% when I integrated my csv cities.
But that’s okay for the moment finally, I manually integrated 20 cities in the “cities” collection
For information, there are more than 30,000 zip codes in France and the file size is 2.8MB.
That said, do you know if you can use a search bar to filter the swiper deck? I cannot use the filters.
thank you in advance.