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Hello everyone
is it possible to use the search bar to indicate the user’s city when registering?
I would like to point out that the simple and multiselect dropdowns are not practical when the database contains 450 cities (the application slows down too much)
Basically I want to use a simple search engine bar.
thank you in advance for your help

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Yes, as I may think!

Hi Akau! Why not create a simple page with all the cities? What do you think?

In my app I use the following:

  1. User registers and choose city
  2. User is always filtered by its own city in search, there is then a Search bar that when choosing the city, then redirects to another screen with a list of that city already filtered. So there is no Screen with al cities list, it just loops back into the search with the city already filtered. Hope it makes sense.

Yes but how the user choose his city when he’s registering? With a list? And in the case, he’s traveling and wants to change of city in the app?

Not sure if I understood good :grimacing:
Could you upload a screenshot if it’s possible? It would be great to see what you’ve done.

The disadvantage is that if one of the users makes a typo mistake when registering… it may not be visible when searching by city if another user correctly hits the name of the city… unfortunately you have to think about this kind of detail. To avoid this kind of situation, I have to integrate csv database with the name of all cities. But it’s impossible to configure with a simple search bar like ( Google or even on the Adalo forum the dynamic search bar ) I also think that the problem of the size of the csv is also problem… surely because I am in free mode for now.

Hi Akau, this can be achieved with a custom registration form. You can then add a searchable list and with a bit of trickery and invisible input fields you should have what you need.

I have done you a quick and rough example that can be seen here:

You could spend time making the cities list look more like a search list, mine was a but rough looking as it was just an example.

Mark this as the solution if it works for you. Let me know if you have any questions.



Thank you for your example, this one seems interesting to me but does not manage to select a city the text field does not take into account the city and impossible to leave the list.
If you have a solution, I’m interested.

Enregistrement de l’écran 2021-02-01 à 12.31.51

Not sure what you mean? I have loaded a list of cities in the UK and when I search any city in the UK it works perfectly. You would need to load your own cities. To test it you can look in the cities collection for a few city names.

The method is good, but impossible to validate the selection (city)

I have just added an action to change the search input to the city name as well.

When you say validate, what do you mean? You can easily change the submit button visibility to be hidden if the invisible city field is empty as seen now in the example I have done.

ok I understood it works, but can we hide the list after selecting

This is possible but you would need to add a search button which would ruin the search experience in my opinion. Would you like me to add a search button to show you?

I have made a change that hides the search box and allows you to do another search by deleting the current selection. Hope this works for you

You are right a supplement button is not a good idea. on the other hand the modification carried out seems to me well.
Thank you for your invaluable help.

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