Custom filter data problem?

help please…
why its doesn’t let me to choose ?

Hi @Orelmor,

You are trying to filter the Card list to see the users for your ( logged in user’s ) selected interests?

Then you need to add Current User > Interests > Users > All > Contains > Logged in user.

You can add that as a custom filter or in the filter section.

custom filter


filter section


Thank you

now the list is empty :thinking:
(the list is after a deck swipe)

What’s the filter you added? Can you add a screenshot?

Can you try adding this filter on the filter section and remove the custom filter?

now its show all the users and not only the Match…

That should show the users of your selected interests. Can you add a screenshot?

And also add a custom filter that Email > is not equal to > Logged in user email. Then you don’t see yourself on the list!

I have only 3 users
one its loged in user
the others
one hes 1 intrest on the database
ant the second have two
i swipe twise right
and it show me also the one how hes only one intrest…
i hope u understant… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Can you show this from a screen recording? You can sue Loom. ( the database,setup and the preview?

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