Filter with multi search from AirTables

Hi team,
Looking for a way to effectively filter a set of search results that are loaded from AirTable API’s in Adalo.

Currently we have a base in AirTables, with a column that has some ‘types’ lets say ‘A’ and ‘B’ and ‘C’.

Right now we can filter in Adalo to show only results with type ‘A’ for example.

However, if one of our rows/records has multiple ‘types’, say ‘A’,‘B’ together, we are unable to show this row/record in our results. This is the results that work for one type. But we were unable to get it to show records that had multiple types.

Thanks in advance

Anyone at all? any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Hey @AusBrisGuy, IIRC, Adalo is only able to pull the first record in any array (list of records in one single row).

In this case, Adalo is only able to pull ‘A’. I think it’s a limitation Adalo is trying to overcome.

I would actually suggest using Adalo’s database if you can for now.

It’s working for us. We’re an online yoga studio and our app allows students to book classes. Students are able to book multiple classes, and they can see multiple upcoming classes. Admins can see the upcoming classes of individual students also.

Furthermore, Adalo is pushing out more data types for their database solution, so it’d be stronger in the near future (maybe 3 months+).

Hope this helps!

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