filterByFormula : Search on Filtered fields (API integration with Airtable)


I am trying to extract a filtered view from a specific field (list of document = to the user ID) and have this user from a search bar Search() or Find () a document tag .

Search(‘Search Term’, {doc-tag}),
({company-id}=‘User company-id’)

The first time the user logs in and nothing has been typed (yet) in the search bar, it seems that the query is not yet triggered (maybe because as their is no search term typed, the AND formula returns false), it’s only after the user types any string that the query is enabled.

Any tips on that issue?


As far as I understand, the search in Airtable is triggered, but if nothing is typed in the search field, the search is done for an empty string ’’ ,which does not find any records.

Hi, thanks for your message.

Yes, I guess. As nothing is typed yet, the AND formula returns false, only after the first typo the AND formula returns true with the correct set of records.

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