Help to filter with airtable

Hello I would like your help to try to solve a problem, I am making a filter in a list using a table in AirTable, however this filter is combined by AND and OR I read in Documents from the air airtable that it is necessary to create an IF to combine AND and OR, the problem is that when my search field is EMPTY (default of ADALO) the query goes crazy. Is that a bug?

Captura de Tela 2020-09-25 às 14.29.41

I discovered the problem, every time the text entry is initialized as empty it deletes the content of the filterByFormula field

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Hi Wendell,

How did you fix it then? :slight_smile:


  1. I set the default of the search field with a blank space, this is different from empty

  2. I used the trim function inside the search parameter, that is, there is always a blank space in the field but in the search it is removed .


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