Exploring horizontal lists, part 2: how to add "All" category in a list

This is a 2nd video in the series. Here I show how to add an option to have “All” category in a horizontal chip list. 1st method is to use “Search Index” property (thanks to @pfordmedia for an idea!).

Enjoy! Comments, questions and suggestions are welcome!

Best regards, Victor


@Victor great video my only concern is that a user not familiar with Adalo won’t know that they need to include the “All” aspect. For example, we have business users that are able to fill out simple forms with easy to follow instructions, but making them include “all” each time may be a tough ask. Thoughts on other options?

@Victor I checked your Youtube Channel and not seeing part three for the alternative. Have you uploaded that video yet? Thanks!

Hi @jrricker,

Of course I agree with you, that asking users to enter “All” manually is prone to mistakes. That’s why I usually automate it :slight_smile:

In your case, you have business users that enter some info, including category selection. Upon creating new record, you need to update the “Search Index” field automatically, based on the Category selected, and add “,All” to this field.
If you do it with the built-in forms, then probably you’ll need to have 2 actions:

  • first one creates the new record (incl. category but not incl. Search Index)
  • second one updates the Search Index field in the newly created record, and puts CategoryName,All there.

If users enter the info manually into Adalo DB via builder interface - then I assume they should be attentive not to forget to set up the search index field.

As for your other question - the video is still in post-production. Consider subscribing to my channel to be notified when I put it there.


This is great, thanks Victor

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Fantastic work and tutorials as well, Victor!

I am encountering one issue, nevertheless. After creating all the DB entries (user, photos, and photo collection) and linking them accordingly, step by step as explained in your videos, the horizontal chip list buttons do not respond and nothing happens when they are being tapped. Everything is displaying properly — the entire horizontal chip list and the actual custom list.

Any idea why? I have tried previewing my app both on web and on mobile. Do I have to log in somehow beforehand?

Many thanks.

Hi @Mihai,

This works only for logged-in user, as you’ve already guessed. All the temporary variables are stored in Users collection.

For non-logged-in user, you can store them in a “hidden input”: create an input box on some screen, make it small and transparent to hide it, and then put the temporary value there. You’ll need several inputs for several values.
Downside of this solution - you can’t do math operations with input’s stored values, which is sometimes needed.

Best regards, Victor.

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Hi @Victor
I do everything but it doesn’t work. I wonder where I could be doing wrong. Can you help me ?
I can’t see the products in the list.

Brilliant, @Victor ! Thank you very much, the trick with the input box is working like a charm!

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Hi @Yusuf,

It should work if you did everything correctly.

To start finding the problem, you could try first to check if you can see the products without any filtering, then add a horizontal list without “All” category and check if you can make it work, and then add “All” category. Also you can add a temporary “debug” text label and put the value of Logged-in User → TMPSelectedCategory there, so that you can see which category is selected.
It might be a good idea to check if you set up the filter on the “main” list correctly.

Best regards, Victor.

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I’ve done it now. Thank you very much for this valuable information.

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@Victor amazing ! Did you had the opportunity to make the 3 part - db collections and relations ?

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