Filtering by True / False field

Hello everyone.
I’m trying to create a list of users that has checked a True / False field like true (or false). But it doesn’t work.

Sincerely I don´t know what is the problem.

Do you know if there is a problem with this filter?

I have used this criteria to filter in other cases and it works fine, by example I show a screen if the logged user have the field like false.

If I list all the users without a criteria it show all the users . It´s perfect !!

But if I add the criteria Where “usuario_verificado”=true the list only show the logged user. ?¿

I think it will be easier that I think but I´m really confused

Could it be that your users collection security is set to read only for the logged in user?

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Hi. Thanks for your answer.

I’ll see the security setting and i’ll try again.

Thanks again !!!

That was the problem.
It works perfect now!!

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