Filtering out Inappropriate Videos

Hey everyone,

Would it be possible to filter out videos that are inappropriate on Adalo? I have used Google cloud integrations for the images where I can for example filter out an image if it is too violent (couldnt find anything for videos). Is there a component or any other site we can use to help us determine if a video is inappropriate? as a result we could filter it out on our list.

Hi @umar.a,

Quick search on Google brings the following:

I guess Amazon will be quite complex to integrate (had a look at their API, not the easiest one). Google offers something similar to Image moderation. SightEngine seems not to be complex: Sequential Video Moderation Guide and How-to

This is only a short research - I didn’t implement any of these :slight_smile:


That looks solid Victor. I will go ahead and give it a shot. Thank you for looking into it! Appreciate the effort.

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