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Hey everyone, is it possible to make sure no trolls or anyone posts inappropriate content on your app. For example the thing I’m working on lets attach pictures on the profile. Is there a way to make sure the content is not inappropriate (pictures/videos) because there’s always gonna be a few trolls who do that. If someone does post something like that do we have to take it down manually or is there a way. Thanks.


I’ve create a True/False boolean property for my Images Collection called “Approved to Post”. The Images collection is related to the Posts collection (Posts can have one Image, an Image belongs to one Post: but your collection relationships may be different).

When a user uploads a picture or video, this property is automatically set to “False”. So in your list of Posts, you can set up the Image to only be visible if Post -> Image -> Approved to Post equals True.

You could then have an Admin page in your app which is only visible when you log in, and you can set up a list of Post -> Images where Approved to Post is False.

From there you can individually (or perhaps collectively) approve Images as an Admin.


Check out this brilliant video by @theadaloguy :raised_hands::raised_hands::clap::clap::muscle::muscle:

it might give you some inspiration

many thanks to Nathan for his genius vids🙌


Thank you so much I will try to replicate this. Appreciate your help!

Will do Sasha many thanks! Appreciate it man.

thanks for sharing this video !! you have any more cool ones ? :joy:

You can connect google cloud vision and Adalo without integromat. Just use custom action.


In this case I use text_detection, but you need to use “SAFE_SEARCH_DETECTION”


Thank you for this. I had no idea this was possible!

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hey brother, i have too many to count, check out these three masterminds YouTube channels, these guys are my hero’s @Victor , @theadaloguy and special mention @pfordmedia :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

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Thanks for sharing this awesome hack… I was setting up google cloud to give it a try, but your advice might have just saved me from extra sweat and tears…:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

I was curious about whether you’ve experimented with finding “similar” images already on google (using cloud vision to test whether a respective image is plagiarized, I’m trying to source originally created content (images) that aren’t readily available on google, or that anybody can take off the internet and claim they actually created when in fact the image is actually stolen from google images (it avoids copyright issues for what I’m trying to build)… I guess its like a reverse image search in a way/ a form of crosschecking images for originality

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