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I am new to Adalo and was just requiring some help with filtering. My app I am making, called Allerscan, shows users a menu only with menu items that they can eat based on their allergies/dietary requirements. So far, I have a collection for food, menu items and users. When signing up, there is a relationship between users and food so users can add foods/allergies. There is also a relationship between menu items and food which foods added to menu items. I was wondering how I could filter the menu items so that only those that did not have user foods were listed.

Link to access preview: Allerscan

Thanks for the help!


Preview may not be working completely.

Issue with previewer all fixed. Issue around filtering still an issue.

i would create an allergies collection, link it to the foods and user. then on the menu list filter out menu that contains allergy foods

Hi @Jeorge ,just wondering if you could provide more details on relationships etc. of this solution.

Thank-you for your help.

You can share pictures of how you have structured your database and i can share advice, from that

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