Making a restaurant delivery app

Hello Adalo people. Im making a restaurant delivery app. Right now Im making menu section. Theres a category list and menu items list. I want menu items to appear after category choosing, but I cant make it to work… Database is made with relationship. Category screen is fine, but menu item screen doesnt hook up with the category and shows all items. When I make a filter for menu items it doesnt show any items… Can anyone advise on how to fix it? Maybe there`s a problem with database relations?

You could try a Hidden input, pre populated with the categorie .

But i think your database must be wrong because when you link a categorie to a item they should show if it’s correctly filtered.

Check this video of @Victor and subscribe him


This might be helpful - Adalo Restaurant Ordering App - YouTube


Thanks, guys. I managed to solve the problem on my own. I was putting wrong relation into filter. I`ll posting some questions more after

Thanks, man. Your video didnt cover what I needed, yet its very useful. I had a question about design. Is there any chance of a more get more custom design to make app look outstanding?

You can customize almost everything in Adalo. In particular using custom lists.

Erik, hi. Maybe you can take a quick look at the app Im making. I need a little push, cuz I cant figure out something. You can view it by clicking the link

It would be a great move for me

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