Filters show 2 'Current Items' - Does it matter?


When I have 2 pages sending the same data type to a page, I get 2 ‘current items’ in the filters choices.

Like this:

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 6.42.12 AM

It’s disconcerting. Does it matter which one I pick?

What happens if I later delete one of the 2 pages that was sending data to the 1 page? Is there a risk this breaks the 1 page?

Refresh your page or logout and log back in. That’s happened to me a few times when I created and deleted a page with the same name.

Though rare, this can happen if you have a Current Something from a list on a previous screen and on this screen you also have a list of Somethings.


So how can I tell which is which?

Unfortunately, there’s not currently a way tell tell in the editor interface. You can run the preview and see the values being populated for the one you selected.