Create a user login who has a different set of data collections than others


So i’m trying to create a different set of data for a different user.

Basically the user fills in a form with data and that data is stored and accessed via a list on the home screen, but what happens when they log out and someone else logs in or creates a profile, all the users share the same data pool, so EVERY user can see everything. its more a community corkboard rather than their own personal list of data which is what i was intending.

I want each user to have their own specific data sets when they create their own list, and only see the things they’ve saved and created.

Any thoughts? Help?


Hi Zach,

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You need to filter the submissions by logged in user. When a user submits a form, add the user to the submission.

Then filter your list showing the submission to the logged in user.


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ahhh ok, so do you add another property to your collection so that can be filtered?

what parameter/property do you use?


what property do you have to add to the list in order for it to be filtered by user?


Add the user to the collection. Below I’ve posted an example.

  • Users can submit transactions
  • The submitter (user) is automatically added to the transaction
  • When they view the transaction list, it’s filtered to logged in user, so it’ll only show their transactions.

Hi, zdulin:
Were you able to solve this issue? If yes, can you share what you did?
I have the exact same problem and sort of tried what Erik is recommending, and nothing is working. I can’t still get a user to see what he/she created only in the card list.
Any help/feedback with this issue will be significantly appreciated. If not, This should be a feature that, by default, should be available; otherwise, I will have to look for another no-code app to develop what I am trying to do.


This is basic adalo app functionality. Add the user to the collection you’re trying to filter. Filter the list by logged in user. Please see below:

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Thank you, that really helped Erik!

hey i did what you comment but whenever i try to preview its not showing
the list