Finding app testers (help enhance this idea for the benefit of all of us)

One of the problems that I have is finding people that would be willing to test apps before publishing them to the app stores. Easy things, like finding bugs, enhancing features, general feedback, etc.

I was thinking about putting together a website that connects app developers with app testers.

For app developers:
Pay a small amount (Something like $3 to $5 for up to 10 minutes of testing) and get your app tested by real people with real feedback, bug identification, and enhancement ideas.

For app tester:
Earn between $3 to $5 for up to 10 minutes of testing an app and providing said feedback.

  1. What do you think of this idea?
  2. What do you think would make this idea better?
  3. Do you already have a way of finding app testers for your apps?

I do not plan on creating this platform to monetize it for profit for myself. I’m simply looking to find real people that want to help test apps and earn a little bit of $ on the side.


I love this idea!
I’m fortunate enough to work Daily in the field my app will be used for so I have plenty of testers. But I agree it may not be that easy for everyone as most apps are side hustles and start ups! I also love the fact that nothing will be monetized as to keep money within the community and builders!

Having this platform as automated as possible with insure quick and easy testing. Results/feedback can be sent directly to the app makers email. Also allow the makers to set a budget and have the app automatically find testers to keep it within budget. Payments from makers and payouts to testers can all be done within the platform

If you’d have me, I’d love to collaborate with you on this, to launch a testing platform for Adalo makers!


Sure, I would love to help and do what you asked and go beyond and if I see any way to improve I would take a consultive approach.

i like that !

Food for thought.

You want testers who care about your product and are not doing it because you are paying them.

When you offer money for testing, you will not get high-quality feedback. A lot of it will be useless noise that will only consume your time and shrink your bank account.

If you go on, for example, you will see plenty of people offering their services for testing. And yet, I’ve seen many times people having bad experiences because the feedback they get is mediocre, superficial and with no real intention.

There are even companies/startups built around this concept. Send them your app, and they will review it and get back to you with feedback. But again, they are doing it because they are being paid to do it. They are not doing it because they care or they offered to test your app in the first place, for free!

The best testers are those who become one because they are interested in what you are building. They want to know more. They want to use your product. They are intrigued by it.

Those are the testers you want, and you get them by talking about your product with as many people as possible, by sharing it with the world in different ways and by inviting everyone to become a tester if they want to.

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I’ve been planning something extremely close to this idea for a while, even built it on WordPress but found Adalo and thought it would be built better using this service. Just a heads up if I post it on the App Showcase one day and you think “This sob stole my idea and ran with it” :joy: