First app, multiple issues

So, just signed up to Adalo and confused by a number of things. I do use apps such as Figma, Affinity Designer etc, so I’m aware of learning curves, but also when the software isn’t behaving as it should.

  1. My app icon keeps disappearing, under the settings page for my app, I upload the app icon, it appears, then as soon as I navigate anywhere else it removes the icon and I have to upload again and it will disappear again. 1024x1024, tried both PNG and JPG.

  2. How do I preview a mobile app on an actual mobile? Watched the getting started video from Adalo and the option to see the mobile mock up on my screen isn’t there, just a really bad desktop web version of a mobile app, I’m using my Mac BTW.

  3. The box selected is meant to be a Lottie file, is it meant to preview in the editor? The option for that is turned on. But nothing shows…

Also, the drop down menus are linked to an internal database. But when clicked on this is how it appears. And the calendar get cut off.

I guess what would work is a screen that floats on top.

  1. Why is what I’m seeing within Adalo, not the same when I share the link as a preview on my mobile? Massive white space at the top, could be related to the Lottie issue, and the good morning text is not wrapping correctly.

  1. is it possible for a full view calendar to appear? I can see the option to add a calendar component, but I can’t see an option to select and confirm a date when previewing.

Hey there Allan,
First of all welcome to Adalo :slight_smile:
Don’t have all your answers but can still help with a few things:

  1. Silly question but once you uploaded your logo, did you update the app for it to be saved ?

  2. To preview your app on a mobile and test its behavior the best way is through the share link of your app with a mobile device. Or if you exclusively want to test it on your mac you can shrink your browser to a device-sized window.

  3. I don’t use Lottie animation so I will let someone else answer. Regarding the dropdown menu, seems like you’re usign the multi-select dropdown component from the marketpalace. I ran into this issue as well, you have to make sure the component is in the front in your page. To do so, when the component is selected, next to the name click the 3 dots got to “Arrange” and “Bring to front”. Your dropdown will behave as expected. For the calendar i’m not sure, but since it’s a date selector the keyboard wouldn’t be needed so if you close the keyboard it should be fine.

  4. Regarding the preview on mobile, the white space at the top is because on these web apps there is a gap between the top of the screen and the actual app. I still don’t know why and i’m currently trying to get a workaround or an answer about that… But I know that if you plan to turn it into a native mobile app through stores then the gap won’t be there. As for the text wrapping, you need to tweak the layout settings and the screen size to see how your text is reacting and adjust it.

  5. Same as the lottie animations I’m not using calendars so wouldn’t know.

Hope this answered some of your concerns !

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