Fitness App Help

Are there any Adalo-ans (Adaloites… Adalans?) here that have created a really nice fitness/workout app?

I have a friend who is a world record-breaking deadlift champion and I want to build out an app with some workout plans and stat tracking.

I’m simply looking to get some guidance on how to make this one a really nice and smooth app that can get people to sign up for some digital subscription courses.

I’d love to see a really nice fitness app and would like to pick your brain on a few things.

I’ll pay for your time to chat about it if you have a really good fitness app that you can show me.

You don’t need to do any actual work, just consulting and guidance.


Check this app. It’s very nice! I believe @jasondupree created this.

@Flawless hey there, I made the app linked above and could give some advice. There are definitely some roadblocks to consider.