Health & Fitness Coaching Software/App for Coaches

Hey all,

I’m wondering if Adalo has the functionality to serve as a web software/app for Health & Fitness coaches to use with their clients – so a Coaching software for H&F coaches?

I would need to allow things like nutrition data and metrics collection (ie. weight, sleep etc), program workouts, provide resources and video tutorials, book calls, fill out forms, and have 1:1 + group chat.

Each coach would need their own account, and their clients their own.

Would this be too complex or big project to handle in Adalo?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @ahyvarinen ,

Adalo can do complex project, as I have built group chat template and recently wordalo template to prove that it can handle that kind of requirements.

Because the foundation is relational database, you can exactly store that information related to your database design.

One thing we should be worried is performance, we need to create the workarounds to make users use the app in tolerable delay.

Like my recent post, the visibility with count expression at collection with lots of records will slow down the app, so workaround is needed.

For MVP, Adalo is the best choice, it is quick to build and pivot, but if you have hit market product fit, it is time to consider coded solution as you can enhance performance to its very detail factors.

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Hello, I made one for a client, it is an app for nutritional evaluations with mathematical formulas, and it sends the result to the email… BMI, ideal weight, percentage of fat, protein level, caloric expenditure and some more… in another app I did the same but there are also physical activity routines by level, tips and online class reservations

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Thank you so much for the quick response :slight_smile: There is a large demand for an all-in-one nutrition/fitness coaching software that is evidence based, and gives coaches flexibility to tailor to their coaching. If it was a “hit”, the software would need to handle large amount of users and data entered.

If I need a custom solution, how can I move forward with that, and get some cost estimates etc?

Thank you so much for the quick response! I like what you created :slight_smile: I could definitely do something like this for my own coaching business! Would you be able to send me more info/quote on a project like the ones you created for your client?

I would need nutrition/fitness training, ability to collaborate on data (nutrition numbers, weight, measurements, progress photos etc), fill out intake + other forms, add educational material (lessons, videos), chat feature, and book coaching calls.

Send me DM please


You should be able to create the app you want with Adalo. It is flexible.

And another option; though it may not do EVERY feature you’re looking for, it looks close:

Hi Anna

Yes, you can absolutely do this. I’ve already done something very similar and it’s published in the App Store. It asks the user for their weight, age etc and then offers both fitness and nutrition plans based on their inputs. I sent you a PM with more details.

Let me know if I can help!

I’m realy interesed in your project, and info can you make something for me?

Hi @Nikola ,

I build a group chat template in this forum.


I’m working in pharma company. We need to develop mobile app for our pharmacy stores. I look one of your project you put on gropup „Health & Fitness Coaching Software/App for Coaches

I’m interesed in that project, and looking for developer how can support us in this kind of project. If you are interesed or can show me your project, please share with me info.

Best regards,


Hi @Nikola ,

I will send PM.