Strong by Bodyweight, a bodyweight strength training app

Hello! I’m excited to reveal my new bodyweight strength training app: Strong by Bodyweight.

Why I built it: As a personal trainer, I’ve used a lot of training apps out there to train clients (Trainerize, PT Distinction mostly). But as a bodyweight strength coach, I was never happy with them. The biggest problem for me was a poor way to track progression and scaling for bodyweight exercises, which aren’t as straightforward as exercises that use weights incrementally. So I made an app that suits my needs!


  • Beginner Bodyweight Strength Training Program with 4 phases
  • Exercise tracking that includes sets, reps, RPE, Progression, and Scaling.
  • Exercise Videos
  • Calendar showing your past completed workouts
  • Weigh-In tracking
  • Progress Photo tracking
  • Tape measurement tracking
  • On the back end, I can create programs and manage clients.

Current State and To-do: Currently, it’s still just a progressive web app (I can’t afford to make it a real app at the moment). I’m pretty happy with how it has turned out - I worked a long time and went through several iterations.

  • In the future, I’d like to add better workout logs, more programs with better videos, and backend improvements that would let me train people with custom programs.

  • I might also add a community/forum (currently using discord, which would be hard to beat), client messaging, and push notifications.

  • And finally, I may attempt to add scheduling of the programs in the future. This has turned out to be pretty difficult in Adalo. I have a semi-functional prototype of this, but it’s a bit too clunky for my liking. May need to wait for certain features to be added.

I need people to use the app, let me know what they think, what I should improve, and attempt to break it. If you would like to test, just click the link and make an account in the app. I would be very grateful for any help :slight_smile:

Strong by Bodyweight