App Showcase - Strong by Bodyweight

Hello all!

I’m going to be showcasing an app once a month. I think it’s helpful to see how others have used Adalo to solve their problems. It will make all of us better. If you want your app showcased, fill out the form on the bottom of this page: Adalo App Showcase

Today’s app is Strong by Bodyweight. Visit their website here.

This is an app for those who want to do bodyweight strength training / calisthenics workouts without the need for a gym.

Bodyweight strength training is unique because in order to get stronger, you can’t just add weight to a bar. Instead, you need to progress to harder exercises and increase scaling. This is where most fitness apps fall short for bodyweight strength training - they are designed only with sets, reps, and weight in mind.

With Strong by Bodyweight, you can track not only your sets, reps, and weight, but also your progression, scaling, and RPE (perceived exertion) giving you a consistent and measurable way to progress in bodyweight exercises such as handstand pushups, one arm pullups, planches, levers, and more.

This app was originally made for Jason’s own online personal training business, but he added the ability to follow pre-made programs and add freestyle workouts. You can also track your weight, tape measurements, and progress photos.


Hey, thanks for the showcase! Using Adalo to build this has been awesome. I have big plans for the app!


That’s great! If you can share, what do you envision the future of your app to be?


I plan on adding more programs (and videos / pics of all exercises) and charging a subscription for full access to all programs and tracking. This would include allowing subscribers to create their own custom programs (like I do in the backend). I also want to make program creation much more efficient, such as copying entire programs.

My vision is really to have lots of people using the app, and use that as a way to get more coaching clients, so I have multiple income sources.


I love this! I have yet to find a workout app that I love (but I also struggle to workout consistently :man_facepalming:). Do you have a marketing strategy? Digital marketing is my background and I’d be glad to help any way I can.

Right now I really don’t do much marketing, but once I have the app a little more polished I was thinking of doing a few things:

  • posting on reddit, specifically the bodyweight fitness subreddit. I’ve made a post that did pretty well in the past (not about the app), but need to be careful with Reddit as they are very anti-promotion generally.
  • starting a Youtube channel
  • facebook ads

Marketing is definitely not my forte so any advice is appreciated!


Hey Jason, this is great! When you’re ready, you should share this with a woman named Mickie. She has this awesome site where she evaluates workout apps, programs, equipment, etc. It’s geared toward people that work out at home. She’s my go-to resource for researching anything fitness related.


Great idea, Joanne! It could give him some free traffic to his landing page. If you reach out to her, @jasondupree, ask her if there are some other fitness app reviewers that you could share with.


Big update to the program/workout builder and workout tracking! Very fast and easy to create periodized programs and scheduled progressions. Check it out here: 2021 12 12 16 03 27 - YouTube


Amazing !

This is showing the true Adalo’s capability.

This is awesome, bro!