Fixing group to bottom of new reactive app

Hi all,

For some reason I cannot fix a group of components to the top or bottom of the page. I remember being able to do this before. Is this a change with the update?

Any guidance would be much appreciated. The context is that I want to stick a commenting input towards the bottom of the page that is not interfered with a list of comments on a blog.

Thanks community!


What is happening exactly?

Hi, sorry for late response.

When I click on a group or other component and try to fix the component or group to the bottom, the option is no longer there in “Edit Styles”. It is an option in the Legacy version. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong spot?

Thanks for any insight into this!

@Christopher99, So in the layout tab of the responsive editor. You should see a toggle saying to turn on sticky when scrolling.

Once you toggle this and place the Component on the screen where you would like it. It will stay.

So put your group either on top or bottom and turn that on! :slight_smile:

I am having a similar issue with this. I want to put a custom side menu on my app, similar to the side menu adalo offers. The trouble is that I want some items (notifications) at the top, and other buttons on the bottom. I can do this if I don’t put them inside a box, image, etc., but they don’t show on the screen when I do.

This works!! Thanks. There was confusion on my end because, from my experience just now, the group has to be made in the new responsive app to get the “sticky when scrolling option”. If the group was transferred or copied over from the legacy version, that option wasn’t available (in my experience just now).

Thanks for the help Jacob

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