Adalo error? help


I’m trying to put my tab bar “bottom” I know this used to allow it but now I don’t even see it in the configuration.

How can I do it?


Hello, in the responsive design, you can find it in the “Layout section” where you can check the (Stick while scrolling) option.

Thank you!

Hi Ali,

Where is this located??

Is it not the case that navigation bars have this sticky by default?

I have noticed a bug where pre-existing groups copied into the responsive app cannot have ‘sticky’ you have to ungroup them and reapply.

Hello, this is a (Tab bar) component and not a group, it’s by default fixed at the bottom. You can find the (Stick while scrolling) in the groups or normal components (Not navigation bar).

Thank you!

I have the same config in all screens and only in this one is the error, here screenshots

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