Creating a group to be static on page

So I was creating and upvote, downvote and comment sections for my app…
How can I design the app so on the details page of the post the group always stays on the top even if the details are long and scrollable.

Regards and Thank you.

Not sure to understand your request here, can you share a screenshot and make it a little clear ?

Hey @bhanu
Please check the video…

I want the comment group to be on top continuously like an action button.
Group (1)

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Select the group of the buttons and set it as fixed to top, after you changed his position

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Hey @Eugen

Thank you…
it works…

Thanks again.

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Hey @Eugen
I wanted to ask a question…

So do we need to give back button on every modal screen or the user can just click anywhere in the screen which is not that modal screen rectangle.

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Of course you can. Put 2 Rectangles on both top and bottom, set them with no background and trigger the linking back action when user clicks on them.

see an exemple
EverPass - Google Chrome 2021-12-26 12-18-02

Hey @Eugen
Thank you so much for your Help…

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